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(the  neuro-linguistics-programming)

You will discover on France-PNL  many aspects of NLP.
The step of origin of the NLP, it is important because it is the solid foundations on which the PNL continues its construction.
You will also discover the evolution of the NLP, of what that consists.
I will also speak to you about the formations, in term of contents and of course in term of organization.
The NLP as you know it can be is increasingly known in France and on the international level.
- Perhaps  you know already many things and have a rather precise idea of what the PNL can bring to you in your field, you wish for example to reinforce your knowledge or to acquire new competences which will be added to those that you have already.

- others among you will discover new prospects, can be even unexpected things and will have the occasion, throughout this site, to consider new ways of bringing value added and power to the methods that they use already.
- the PNL as you will discover it is of an interest at the professional level as at the personal level, I will have the occasion to develop all that on France-PNL.
- Then, to which addresses the NLP? And well with many people bus in the content the NLP is an approach of transfer of competence. With its base, with its source, the objective first of the NLP is to transfer competences and to include/understand how people made to make certain things in a fantastic way and to be able to transfer this way of making.
- Left as we will see it field of psychotherapy, the NLP extended to good from other fields like those from the company, pedagogy, health, the sport.
- Here all that will be developed on France NLP In any case if you have ideas, opinions, experiments to be divided, if you have questions, you have the possibility of doing it by mail: